Drug and Alcohol Recovery
One Challenge at a Time


Learn to live a clean and sober lifestyle

Complete Bite-Size Daily Challenges

Build a personal journal that keeps track
of your lists, action plans, and discoveries

Interact with other users for additional
support and insights

Take Your Support With You

Enhance your current treatment with an app
that offers support in-between meetings.

Not sure if you have a problem?

Our Exploration chapter will help you determine if you need
to make a change

Already in treatment?

RSquared works great as a companion app to treatment, by
being a resource you can take with you when you leave.

Challenges for every level

Whether you're just starting out or you've been sober for years,
we have challenges focused on your stage of recovery.

"Sustained Recovery is the goal of treatment... Your app [RSquared] can
help make that goal a reality more often. 'Recovery Support' is the new
focus of care."


President of the Institute for Behavior and Health Inc.,
Former White house Drug Chief

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